CP11-141-16 Cáp Cat.6 outdoor UTP cable, PE, 23AWG

Mã sản phẩm : CP11-141-16

Rosenberger ApusTM Cat.6 outdoor UTP cable, PE,23AWG 305m (Reel)


ApusTM  Cat.6 Data Cable for structured premise cabling transmits voice, data and video signals. It supports current high-bandwidth applications, and is especially suitable for applications of Fast- Ethernet.

  • VoIP
  • ISDN
  • Token ring
  • 100 Mbps TP-PMD
  • Analog and digital video
  • TR-16 active and passive
  • 155 Mbit /622Mbit /1.2 Gbit ATM
  • 10baseT/100baseTX Fast /1000baseTX Gigabit Ethernet


Construction: 4×2×AWG23 Conductor: AWG 23 Solid copper Insulation: HDPE

Core: 4 twist pairs Sheath: PVC, LSZH orPE

Colour: Grey, Orange, and Black Nominal Diameter: 6.3mm

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