Lapp kabel 1062912 (ÖLFLEX CHAIN 809SC 1G70 )

Mã sản phẩm : Lapp kabel 1062912

Lapp kabel 1062912 (ÖLFLEX CHAIN 809SC 1G70 )



Lapp code: Lapp 1062904

The Test voltage of the cable Lapp 1062904 is 4000 V.

Application range

·        In power chains or moving machine parts

·        For internal wiring of electric and electronic equipment in switch cabinets *

·        This cable can substitute multi-core shielded servo drive cables where space requirements or minimum bending radii cause problems

·        Specially designed for power circuits of servomotors driven by frequency converters

·        Test systems in the automotive industry, vehicles and stationary fuel cell systems

Product Make-up

·        Fine-wire strand made of bare copper wires

·        Core insulation: PVC

·        PVC outer sheath, black (RAL 9005) 

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